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Your website (blog, forum, album, e-shop, etc.) is just a few clicks away

Lonex Web Hosting offers all-inclusive web hosting services with added automatic ready-to-go website installation. With any of our hosting plans you get free installation of a popular script, such as WordPress (for your blog), phpBB2 (for your forum), Coppermine (for your photo album), osCommerce (for your e-shop), Joomla (for your CMS), and many more.Each web hosting account includes a free 1-Click Installer. With the help of this user-friendly all automated scripts installation tool you are able to install any of the more than 30 popular PHP scripts available with just ONE mouse click. More importantly, you don’t need to possess any Linux administration, web programming or web design skills. Simply choose a preferred web hosting plan, select a desired PHP script and… have an easy, quick and hassle-free website installation! [learn more…]